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Entire M is a Polish manufacturer and distributor of tactical, outdoor and military clothing and equipment. We manage the globally recognizable brands: Helikon-Tex® and Direct Action®, which are at the forefront of recognition and sales in their industries.

Helikon-Tex brand


Helikon-Tex® is a brand aimed to reach all fans of spending time actively. It combines solutions known from the military world with completely modern designs for shooters, bushcraft enthusiasts, outdoor lovers and people looking for tactical features in an urban environment.

The wide offer includes not only clothes but also bags, backpacks and cases as well as specialist equipment, designed with an experienced and demanding user in mind. In its development, the brand is guided by the slogan #JourneyToPerfection, focusing not only on the production of still better collections but also on operating in accordance with the principles of sustainable and ecological production.

Direct Action®

Direct Action® is a brand created to fulfill the desire to transform the rich experience of special forces operators into top-class tactical equipment.

It offers highly specialized equipment used by elite police and military units. The brand follows the #GoLoud slogan, which stands for an uncompromising approach to design and production. It is possible thanks to our own sewing facility, which is being developed in Poland for many years. Thanks to it, designers have direct access to each stage of the production of equipment and clothing. The sewing facility in Nowa Ruda operates according to the highest standards, training a new team of experts in the field of tactical equipment and clothing production.

Direct Action brand

Helikon-Tex sp. z o.o. changes to Entire M sp. z o.o.

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