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Value and Vision

Entire M company values

In Entire M, values ​​guide us on our journey to perfection. They work like support pillars in the moments of difficult decisions, and we treat them uncompromisingly. These values ​​are: Development, Ethics and Tolerance.


Development is a value we understand in a complex manner: as the development of the company and the brands it manages, the development of employees who are the core of the company and without whom the development of the company would not be possible, and the development of a product that is the result of the previous two and allows us to meet the growing expectations of users of our clothing and equipment. At the same time, we realize that development is a value that cannot be ultimately realized – it is a process in which we constantly have to find solutions, making decisions in the face of an ever-changing environment.


Ethics in our approach is, first and foremost, honesty towards all we cooperate with – employees, suppliers, customers and end-users of our products. We act responsibly, transparently and respect the law, trying to set a good example and build a transparent image of the company, and both its owned and distributed brands.


Tolerance is a value that we have cherished for several decades – as a company that is constantly developing and operating in such a dynamic industry, we express full respect for the private and business opinions of our employees and customers, thanks to which we are able to take into account many perspectives and draw from different experiences. Freedom of speech and respect are absolutely key to us.

Entire M is a family company

The unique atmosphere and unconventional approach to running a business are the domain of many family businesses. It is like so in Entire M, the core of which consists of:

Grzegorz Mieszczak

The founder of the company. It was his vision that was the driving force behind the company’s operations from the very beginning.

Jędrzej Mieszczak

CEO. He has been with the company since 2007 when he started helping in the warehouse. With time, he began to climb up, learning about the nature of the activities of various departments and the principles of operation of the entire company.

Piotr Mieszczak

Vice CEO. Formally in the company since 2015, although previously he worked part-time, among others in a warehouse.

Entire M story

Entire M is a family company and its history from the very beginning is intertwined with the business activity of Grzegorz Mieszczak, which dates back to 1983. It was then that a small haberdashery workshop was established, producing occasional stamps, plaques and devotional articles.

The beginnings are modest, but they reveal the values ​​of the founder of the company. After Lech Wałęsa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, in cooperation with Metaloplastyka, Grzegorz Mieszczak produces about 100,000 occasional signs with the logo of “Solidarity”. Freedom, respect and development are at the core of the company’s early life and remain the most important values ​​of Entire M to this day.

At the end of the 1980s, Grzegorz Mieszczak travels to Sweden, where he gets to know the local brand – Frosts knives (now Morakniv®). In 1991, after the fall of communism, he becomes the sole distributor of their products in Poland. Currently, Entire M is still strongly associated with this knife manufacturer, valued even by the Swedish royal family, which shows that business-wise we focus on long-lasting, solid relationships and well-thought-out, forward-looking decisions.

In 1998, the company was moved to Miękinia near Wrocław, which allowed for the development of operations and the launching of the import of surplus military equipment, which then went to sales networks throughout the country. The business develops at a surprising pace, which allows the company to start its own production of uniforms in Asia three years later. This step affects the entire future of the company, which is starting to build recognition in the military-tactical industry and look for opportunities for further development in this direction.

The years between the first and second decades of the 21st century mark a series of milestones for the company: in 2007 a new warehouse and office in Miękinia are created; in 2009 the Helikon-Tex® brand products debuted at the largest industry fair in Europe; and in 2010 Grzegorz Mieszczak with his son Jędrzej appeared for the first time at the SHOT Show in the USA, where they will be presenting Helikon-Tex® and Direct Action® equipment in the future. Soon after, the magazine is expanded and Grzegorz’s second son, Piotr, joins the team. Thus, the family character of the company is strengthened.

Another milestone is the opening of our own production facility in Nowa Ruda. Thanks to that the company gains full control over the quality of the product, which allows creating Direct Action® – a brand targeted at the most demanding professionals. The end of the second decade of the 21st century is highlighted by the expansion of the existing warehouses, investment in a new office in Wrocław and the launching of construction of a new headquarters and logistics center in Miękinia.

In 2019, the Helikon-Tex® brand presents its products for the first time at the largest industry fair in the world – SHOT Show in the United States. Employment in the company exceeds 100 people, but this does not prevent us from maintaining appropriate relations within. We keep going forward, sticking to the values ​​we set at the very beginning of our journey.

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