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Headquarters, offices and logistics

The heart of Entire M beats in Błonie, Miękinia, a town located west of Wrocław, which currently houses not only the headquarters of the company but also the Research and Development department, Sales department, Accounting department and Logistics center. It is from there that our products go to over a hundred countries around the world.

Błonie, Miękinia

The headquarters of the company, a logistics center for the Helikon-Tex®, Direct Action® and brands distributed by Entire M, and other departments of the company, are located in Błonie, Miękinia near Wrocław.


From 2018, Legnicka street in Wrocław is the seat of the IT, E-commerce, Marketing, and CSR departments. This office is constantly developed in response to the growing level of employment in the company.

Nowa Ruda

In Nowa Ruda there is a sewing facility, which produces most of the Direct Action® equipment. Being constantly developed since 2014.


In 2019, the company’s Asian branch was established in Taiwan. Thanks to it, we have direct insight into the process of creating some of the Helikon-Tex® products and are able to gain greater control over their quality.

Helikon-Tex sp. z o.o. changes to Entire M sp. z o.o.

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