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Company vision and strategy

Entire M vision statement

Entire M is a Polish family company with a global reach. It brings together people with similar values, acting with future generations in mind.

Company strategy

The Entire M strategy is a result of our history, values, high ambitions and a constantly changing environment.

Most of our work is done in Poland, which is why we want our own brands to be perceived as Polish, regardless of the final place of production of the products. Our strategy assumes further development of the design and distribution facilities while maintaining the “project to market” product chain model, which gives us great flexibility in locating production. We diversify our product portfolio, sales markets and customer groups.

We also focus on developing our own production facility in Nowa Ruda. It is within its walls that the highest quality products are created with the most demanding users in mind.

We consciously manage our financial and human capital, investing the generated profit and giving our employees unique opportunities to raise their competencies.

In the coming years, we want to develop recognition on the domestic market, expand and modernize the product offer and reach new customers.

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